Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Worst week of my life!!

So I guess I am very lucky that the worst week of my life wasn't as bad as other people. But for me it was scary.

So it started on a Monday. I was at school and when I was about to leave around 2 I started to feel bad. I could tell I had a fever and my head hurt bad. I went home and rested. Chris came home later and I decided to go to the doctor because I still wasn't feeling any better by 7 that night. The doctor at Wedgewood was afraid I had Mengingitis. So off to the ER we went.

At the ER I was sent right back. They put a mask on me and you should have seen the people look at me. One guy even turned completely around and faced the wall. The nurses and doctors came in with masks but poor Chris sat there w/out a mask. He said, " I figured they thought I was already done for." lol

So after some other tests they decided to do the spinal tap, which I was ok with. After having 2 c-sections I wasn't afraid of the spinal. I was told that the main risk was a spinal headache which only 10% of people get. The spinal tap went well. No mengingitis. By about 2 am my fever finally broke.

The next day I was just tired. Karin took Cy for me so I could get some rest. I was ok until later that afternoon and the spinal headaches started. They are described as a headache like no other. That is sure what it is!!! My whole head hurt. If I was laying flat I was ok. But try laying flat with 2 kids! So my dad came down Wednesday morning to help us out.

By Wednesday morning I was miserable!!! My dad took me to Urgent Care. They told me the only way to get rid of the headaches were by doing a blood patch ( take blood out of my arm and into my spine) or liquid caffeine. Both had to be done in the ER. The headaches would go away eventually so they gave me some fluids and something for my nausea. I felt a little better.

Thursday, after laying flat on my back most of the day I was feeling better. So my dad decided to go on home Thurs. night. I thought it was about over. Then Friday I woke up and I felt WORSE! Chris stayed home with me that day. I knew that if I didn't feel better by Saturday I was going to the ER.

Saturday came and I felt the same. The worst part was I was also sick to my stomach and I couldn't eat anything. So my parents came back up (have I told you how much I love them!). My dad, Chris and I were back to the ER. My mom helped get my house and kids back in order. If you know me you would know I am a clean freak!! Karin said she knew I was really sick when she saw my kitchen!

They decided to give me the liquide caffeine. I was ok with at first, looking back I wish I insisted they do the blood patch. They gave me three different drugs and one was benadryl. That made me feel sleepy but then they shot me full of caffeine. I felt so weird. I wanted to run away. The caffeine stopped my headache but I still had no appetite.

Saturday night was ok but I still felt weird. Sunday I tried to go outside and join the world. It was really hard. My parents went home and me and the kids went over to my mother-in-laws. It was nice because Chris had to mow. That way I wasn't by myself. My headache came back so I took some tylenol. It didn't help so I took so some Motrin. I didn't think about not having much on my stomach. I think that caused my to get sick to my stomach.

I got home and threw up. That night I really felt like I was going to die. I have never felt that way. I think it was everything along with having that caffeine. Monday morning my dad came back down just to help me out. He went back later that morning. I went to school and had to leave early. I felt so depressed. I knew what was wrong. I had depression after had Ella. I was lucky that I got Zoloft and it regulated my system. For anyone who has never had to deal with depression or a family member it is defitinely something that you can't control. I am blessed to have a husband who understands. He was great!

So later that day me and the kids were back at Wedgewood. I told the doctor what was going on and he gave me a prescription for Zoloft. Tuesday morning I still felt pretty bad. I did make it through my day of teaching only because the teachers at my school were so understanding. They helped me out so much!!!

By Tuesday about 3 pm I started to feel the relief. I finally felt like eating. I got me a cin. roll from Arby's and went to Karin's. I actually was motivated to do something. That night Chris and I took the recycling. It felt so good to be "normal". (My mom had come down Tuesday night to help out).

Finally, on Thursday I almost felt close to 100%.

That is my 2 weeks of craziness! I am just glad it is over. I am very thankful for Chris, my family, and my friends who helped me through this difficult time!

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Maisey-n-EviesMom said...

I feel for you Leslie! I got the dural headache too from my c-section with Evie and the caffiene drip and all the drugs they gave me during my hospital stay did nothing to help. I didn't get the blood patch because the andthesiologist at Mon General was against giving them. So I suffered three weeks with 800 mg of ibuprofin and lots of caffeine (usually mellow yellow and I hate soda). Without my hubby and mom and niece here I would never have made it through! I'm glad you're feeling better now. It wasn't meningitis, did they ever figure out what had made you sick in the first place?