Friday, August 27, 2010

August 2010

It has been awhile since I blogged. I am hoping to do it more frequently since the kids will be getting into activities and I can update you on that.

This summer was great! The kids and I were lucky to spend a lot of time at the pool. We went on vacation to Myrtle during the second week of August. While we were there the kids finally started to swim underwater. It was so exciting!! Ella wanted to do the kids triathalon this yr but I told her that once she practices her swimming more she can. The beach was very nice; we had great weather. The place we stayed was great. We had 3 bedrooms which was perfect. My parents and Chris' mom and aunt went with us. It was great having a lot of family around. We got a lot of help with the kids!

Ella started 1st grade this past week. She really likes her teacher. She is ready for a break already! I know she'll enjoy the weekend. I start my job as a reading interventionist the Tuesday after Labor Day. I am excited to be back at Ella's school. Cyrus will go back to Kristie's house. She is a neighbor down the road. I think he's going to have a hard time leaving me but he'll get used to it again. Luckily it is only for 4 hrs a day.

I can't believe fall is here! The kids are already going to start activities. Ella is doing tumbling and piano lessons. She also wants to do cheerleading. Cyrus is doing a soccer camp this fall. I am excited to be able to put him into something. This is the first time he's done something besides taking a swim class with me last winter/spring.
The 3 pictures of the kids in the water was from one rainy day when they were jumping in puddles. Ella was a little conservative. Cyrus on the other hand was completely wet! The family picture is from our trip to Cass railroad with some friends. The last picture is of Cy when he was supposed to be asleep but instead he decided to dress up with everything from his closet.


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