Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tour of WVU Football Facility

I organized through the Moms Club a tour of the WVU Football Facilities. It was a lot of fun! Of course most of the kids had no idea. They loved the last part... you will see that soon. All of the moms were super excited of course!!! We were all dressed in our Mountaineer geer.

We first went to the Hall of Traditions. Here is us infront of the Fiesta Bowl trophy.

Cyrus loved the helmet!

My pretty girl!

Ella and Kyle dancing.
I love this picture!!
Oh, my favorite player....Pat White!!!!! Love him!!!

Ella up in the Pressbox.
My favorite picture of Cyrus.
Cy and his friends.
They're free........... The Moms Club altogether. Ending a wonderful day!

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