Friday, July 25, 2008

My Fearless Son!

Today we went to Krepps Pool for some swimming. They have an area just for babies and toddlers. It is shallow with a play structure in the middle. There is a tube slide that goes into the water. Well, Cyrus loved it! I didn't know whether or not to put him down it but I thought we would try it once and he LOVED it! I wish I had my camera. He went about 10 times! Near the end I would put him up to the slide and he would go down by himself with me catching him. What a big boy!

Also, Cyrus had his 15 month appt. yesterday. He was 23 lbs 7oz and 33 in tall. His head is still big! Way above the chart but Dr. Neely said he will just have a big head! Everything else is great. No ear infections!!!

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