Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our weekend

We had a great weekend! I wanted to tell you all about our weekend. It started out with a restful nap!!! Chris came home early on Friday and the kids were both sleeping! So we took a nap also. Ella went to stay with her Mee Maw (Shirley) on Friday. They went to the movie down by the river with Aunt Cye Ann and her cousin Ashley. Then, Saturday morning they went shopping. Saturday afternoon Chris and I took the kids down to the trail with my new jogging stroller. We rollerbladed on the trail. It was a lot of fun but now my legs are killing me. Saturday evening we went to Pee Paw's house for a Hess get together. They built a fire and we roasted marshmallows. I had 2 smores! YUM!!! Ella went back and stayed with Mee Maw. She told me she was going to stay for 10 days with Mee Maw, which she probably would!

On Sunday my parents came up and stayed until Monday. I got the bright idea to put new mulch outside. So Chris went and got a truck load and my dad helped us put it around. We worked on this for about 4 hours! Thanks to my dad we got it done. My mom watched the kids. She took them out to our little pool we have. Ella loved it, but Cyrus wasn't too crazy about the cold water! I posted pictures of our new mulch and flowers. The rose bush was a gift from one of my old 3rd graders 2 years ago. It is growing so much, I just love it!

After all the hard work we all went down and got ice cream. Finally on Monday the girls went to the mall. Grandma bought Ella a new pair of sandals. She was very excited. We ended our weekend with a picnic at one of my friend's house. So now I need the rest of the week to get rested up from this busy weekend!

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