Thursday, May 15, 2008


I haven't posted lately so I thought I would give an update. Cyrus as you saw on the video is walking all over the place. His favorite thing to do is to walk into the kitchen and get into the lazy susan. He comes out with all my spices. He seems so proud of himself. We have ordered a lock for the lazy susan because he is driving me crazy!!! We also ordered safety knobs for the stove. He is already wanting to turn the knobs. I have a feeling he is going to be much more of a challenge than Ella ever was.

Ella is doing great. We just made brownies today. She got this cookbook from her Grandma Jaunita and she wanted to make something. She was a great help! Also, for those who may not know, Ella was complaining of her back hurting for sometime so we got x-rays of her back and an ultrasound done of her kidneys. Everything is just fine. Dr. Neely thinks it just may be from gymnastics. She only has one more class so we'll she is she stops complaining.

Since I am sure you are wondering, Chris and I are fine. I realize you really only want to hear about the kids!

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