Friday, May 30, 2008

My loooooooooooong night

10:00 pm - went to bed

2:00 am - Cyrus wakes up crying

2:30 am - We finally get Cy calmed down

2:45 am - Ella wants to get up so I told her no. She continues to want to get up so I told her she can go into the living room but I'm staying in bed. (I figured she would be right back.) Well, I forgot she now knows how to turn on Noggin. (Yes Noggin is on 24 hrs a day!) So she is out in the living room watching Little Bear (her favorite show of course).

3:20 am - I tell her it is time to go to bed.

3:30 am - Cyrus is back up. He cried and cried. So finally I get up and I changed his diaper... still not happy. Give him a drink.... still not happy. ( I had given him Motrin earlier in case it was his teeth.) So the only thing I can think of is he is hungry. I didn't want to nurse him so I got a breakfast bar and fed him that. Ella comes out and says, "I'm hungry!". So, I get her a breakfast bar also.

4:00 am - I get to go back asleep finally!!!!

6:15 am - Cyrus is up... Yes up and happy!

One day I might get a full night sleep! I may have to go away but one day!

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