Saturday, April 25, 2009


I feel like I haven't blogged for awhile so here you go...

We had Cyrus' birthday party last weekend. It went really well. We had it at our church. They have a big gym that is attached to the kitchen. It was a great space for the kids to run around. I will attach some pictures that Nicole took for me but I haven't gotten around to downloading the others. I will soon! I made the was very difficult but it was very rewarding! I plan on making Ella's next. She wants to do a Minnie Mouse party. I'm not sure about all that black icing!

I took the kids to DQ for ice cream today along with my friend Karin and her kids. I got some cute pictures...again... not downloaded yet- check later I'll post them. It was the first time Cy ate his own ice cream cone. He did rather well...not too much mess.

Here are some pics-
Cyrus' birthday party- the picture of the cake is after it has been cut into. I have better pictures I'll post later.

We went on a tour of the airport with the MOMS club! We got to see a lot of airplanes taking off and landing. It was cool!

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