Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pictures from Ella's sleepover with Kyle

Ella wanted to have spaghetti for dinner. Then, we went to get milkshakes. I was just going to take Ella and Kyle but of course Cy wanted to come. I always forget how big he is now. He wants to go places too! We came home and played a few games of uno. Off to bed-- started with them both in the trundle, to them both in bed with me, Kyle fell asleep, Ella was hungry so we got up to get something to eat, finally she fell asleep in my bed with Kyle. We carried Kyle to the trundle and Ella to her the morning Ella was down in the trundle with Kyle. I am not sure when she went down with him. Kyle listened so good. It was a good night for all!

Trying to go asleep in the trundle bed.

Making silly faces.

Showing off their tricks.

More silly faces.

Playing uno with Chris.

Story time with me.
I love this picture because of the way Ella is holding Kyle. It's like their going to the prom!

This one too! All I know is we are in trouble when she is a teenager.

Getting ready to go to church.

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