Saturday, February 14, 2009

The game

Chris and I were very lucky to come up with 6 free tickets to the game last night! My neighbor was nice to give us to upper seats because they weren't using them. Then, Friday Chris called and said 84 lumber had 4 lower seats that they weren't going to use! So I called my friends Ben and Lisa from Elkins and they came down along with their friends.

The lower seats were great! We were so close I could have ran out onto the floor (more to come on this). It was a very exciting game. (Amber you will kill me) I forgot my camera! I so could have gotten great pictures of Butler and others. Also, yes I could've went down onto the floor after (we were right next to the students) but I figured I better not seeing that I just turned 31!

I am going to add pictures soon from Ella's first sleepover with her friend Kyle! Stay posted.

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