Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cyrus now has tubes in his ears!

Today we went to Ruby to get tubes in Cy's ears. The surgery started at 8:15 and he as done at 8:30. Very quick! The doctor said... Don't go anywhere. He said he once had parents go over to Eat-n-park to eat! We were back with him at 8:30 and he started to wake up from the sleepy medicine. He cried and cried and cried! Finally, he went back to sleep and when he woke up about 45 min. later he was back to himself.

Hopefully this will stop the constant ear infections. Poor guy has been so miserable! I wish I had my camera because he looked so cute in his hospital gown!

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Amber said...

Glad that it went well! Feel better Cy, Brooklyn is sending you lots of hugs!