Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Already!!!

If you didn't know this... I love to decorate for Christmas. It was always one of my favorite traditions as a child. My mom would put on Elvis and Alabama Christmas records. We would decorate our entire house.

Our first year in our house Ella had just turned 2 so we decorated while she was sleeping. Last year Ella was 3 and she really helped us out. Cyrus was just a baby so he wasn't any trouble. Well this year, Cyrus was rather a handful! He wanted to grab things off the tree at first but then he got the hang of putting the ornaments on. Ella was a pro! Here are some pictures from this year.

The nativity scene and stockings.

Mee Maw (Shirley) and Aunt Cye Ann have started a new tradition with their grandchildren. They are making crafts. Here is the first craft... candle holders. Ella had a great time doing this.

Ella and Cy proud of their tree.

Ella putting up the star.

Ella decorated this table all by herself.

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