Monday, September 29, 2008

My Run

Well, it was a great run. I actually ran it in 56 minutes 10 seconds. I owe it all to my friend Ben. It is always hard to run by myself. I actually won my age group. I do have to say I was the only one in my age group! But the cool thing is I got a nice leaf plaque out of it! Anyways, here are some pictures.

Before the race.

Passing my family.

My big award!!


Amber said...


I am SO proud of you! Congrats Mamma!

Heidi Ho said...

Hey! If you like exercise, you should come to the "Buggies and Babes" class!!! I used to LOVE exercising/trying to run! The class is free and has a trainer that meets with us every tues and thursday, 9:30am at the waterfront amphitheatre. I have been sore every time I leave there! It's not overwhelming though...She uses the strollers as exercise equipment and that cracks me (and Sophie) up!!! It has been so awesome for me to get out and exercise without having to leave Sophie to do it!

Heidi Ho said...

ps. YOU ROCK!!! A race!!! That's awesome!