Friday, June 19, 2009

Finally an update!!

Ella has been playing t-ball through boparc. She loves it! Which doesn't surprise me because she always enjoys everything she does. Very rarely does this girl complain. She is a blessing from God that is for sure. I posted some pictures below from t-ball. Chris and I have a big decision to make this summer concerning Ella. Her b-day is Sept. 20th so that means she misses the cut-off date for Kindergarten. If your b-day is in Sept. you can test in. We decided to have her take the test. As no surprise to me, she did awesome. Ella had to be in the 90th percentile and she was in the 99th percentile. The psychologist who administered the test said "the results are very accurate and would indicate school success". We are more worried about later since she will be the youngest in her class. Such a hard decision. We hate to hold her back since I know she will be ready...but who knows what the future will hold. I'll update later as to our decision.

Cyrus is growing and speaking so better every day. He know trys to say any word. Lately his favorites has been Oh Man and Thunder, rain... He is a talker! He still loves his cars and trucks. If I counted how many he has it would probably be around 40 or 50. But everytime he gets a new one he is so excited!

So there is a quick update. I'll try to post more later.

This is the new porch built all by himself! He did a great job!

Ella with her teacher Ms. Pat. This was her last day of school at St. Luke's Preschool. Below is Ella with her other teacher Ms. Rochelle along with some of the other kids.

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