Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hello everyone...I needed to do an update. Sorry it's been awhile.

Ella is still going to St. Lukes 3 days a week. They changed teachers in January but she has been fine with it. Kids are great with change. She has been rather healthy this winter. No cold yet! One funny story...I was trying to get her to bed and she wanted to go in my bed. After much fighting I gave in and she said, "I am a hard-headed child huh mom". I said yes you are!!!

Cyrus is getting bigger every day. He is trying to say a lot more words. He finally is putting 2 words together. He doesn't say much but I'm not worried. I know he will talk more when he's ready. The tubes have been great. He hasn't been to the doctor since October!

So short update but I'll try to do more later!

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Amber said...

It is about time lady!