Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Festival at Nemacolin

Chris and I took the kids up to Nemacolin for the Fall Festival. We had a great time. They had a rock climb, kids games, pumpkin decorating, and much more. Chris and I got to do some beer tasting!!! I tried to the rock climb. It was much harder than I thought!! I didn't make it very far. Ella tried it also. She got scared but she tried.
Decorating their pumpkins.

He loves getting his picture taken!

I had to go in twice to get Cy out. He would've stayed in there the whole day.

Ella getting ready. She was excited.

She wasn't too crazy about it once she realized she was being held up by the harness. I think that kinda freaked her out because she didn't have control.

You can't tell but by now she is crying and very upset. Finally the guy put her down. Poor baby girl!

Here I go........and go.............and go......................

and I'm done! Way too hard for me! Maybe I could've done it if I didn't have everyone watching me. Well, that's my excuse anyways.

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Heidi Ho said...

Great pics....If I remember, I'll post the one of my husband climbing one of those walls on our honeymoon. He bounced up it in like 10 seconds...I was amazed. He tried to talk me into it, but all I could picture was my butt, aerial view!!!! NO WAY!!! You looked great!!! More brave than I! hahaha