Sunday, April 20, 2008

First ER visit

Yesterday we had our first emergency room visit. Ella was jumping on my parent's couch and fell off and hit her head. My mom just got done saying, "Ella your going to fall and...", off she went. She had a deep cut right next to her eyebrow. She needed 5 stitches. She was scared to go to the hospital at first. Once we got back in the room and the nurse brought her a stuffed monkey and some stickers she was much better. She did great when the doctor put the stitches in. They had her restrained in this board thing and the nurse was holding her head. She was pretty calm though. She cried just a little. Of course she was fine right after. We went to Max's house and she was ready to play again.

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Amber said...

Oh My God! Glad to hear that Ella was a tropper though. I bet you were scared too!